Twin Peaks Photoshoot with Computer Magic

Stopped by a bunch of the Twin Peaks locations while on tour with Computer Magic

Photoshoot with Tycho and Behind the Scenes at Brooklyn Steel

We were there for Tycho's Ascension and A Ghostly Night in NYC. This time around we bring you an intimiate behind the scenes of Tycho's stay in Brooklyn. In Greenpoint, they revisited the past with a two-night stand at Brooklyn Steel and in Williamsburg we had a glimpse into the future during a recording session alongside Beacon's Thomas Mullarney III.

The Dive / Awake / Epoch trilogy may be over but whatever's next in the Tycho universe is slowly starting to reveal itself.

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Social Media Posters

Social Media Posters

Tycho: Billy Kim, Zac Brown, Scott Hansen, Rory O'Connor (Nitemoves)

Tycho: Billy Kim, Zac Brown, Scott Hansen, Rory O'Connor (Nitemoves)

Photoshoot with Gotham's Catwoman, Camren Bicondova

Meet Camren Bicondova. She's part dance machine, part actress and an all-around Swiss Army knife of talent. On Fox's Gotham, she portrays Catwoman. Gotham City's resident thief who blurs the lines between anti-hero and villain, and is the yin to Batman's yang. A role that has been played by the likes of Julie Newmar, Eartha Kitt, Michelle Pfeiffer, and considered to be one of the most iconic characters in the comic book universe.

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Behind The Scenes Shoot for NY Mag with Vanessa Carlton, Jax Miskanic, and Parson James

Video by Jacob Gossett

"As the 59th Annual GRAMMY Awards approach, we’re all about celebrating musicians and their accomplishments. In partnership with Bulova, we caught up with three artists in different stages of their careers to talk “firsts” — from the first album that truly inspired their craft, to what it was like crafting their very own first album. Read on for 15 minutes of musical milestones with Vanessa Carlton, Parson James and Jax."

A Day with Japanese Breakfast

With a sound that pulls you into a Cocteau Twins state of mind, Michelle Zauner takes the heartbreak of losing a loved one and transforms it into an emotionally fueled record of self expression and healing. It’s the type of beauty that manifests itself when one is truly tested and has to dig deep inside themselves.

We spent the day wandering around Queens. First, hitting up New World Mall for the type of authentic eats that Anthony Bourdain would be proud of and afterwards we visited the historic Unisphere at Flushing Meadows–Corona Park.

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Bishop Briggs Photoshoot in Brooklyn

There may not be much out there about Bishop but take one listen to her music and you can start to peel back the layers of what makes her tick. The pulsating weight of past events, alongside her soulful vocals comes at you like an anthemic confession to the world. It’s the type of lay it all out on the table affair that will make you weak in the knees and asking for more.

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Hanging with Diet Cig in Brooklyn

Sometimes you just know when someone is going to be a ridiculous hang and in this case it’s Diet Cig. Lead by Alex Luciano’s raspy vocals and Noah Bowman’s drumming; these “two homies making tunes and eggs on the regs” create power pop driven tunes that touch on day-to-day life experiences which drum up memories from the past.

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A Day With PINS in NYC

There’s this interesting energy as you walk down St. Marks Place in NYC. Although the spots that once defined this famous stretch like Trash and Vaudeville are gone; a hint of the old school, punk’d out NY of the past still lingers in the shadows. 

Listening to Manchester’s PINS is like taking a trip back to that time. When guitars rattled your soul and the reason you were wearing a biker jacket was not to make a fashion statement, but because you were ready to hit the Lower East Side and get messed up (or mess someone else up).

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